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Collect Permanent Set/Blow Count Data During Pile Driving Accurately and Safely by using PileTrac’s Pile Set Monitor

PileTrac’s Pile Set Monitor (PSM)


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We are pleased to offer the PileTrac Pile Set Monitor (PSM). PileTrac has developed the PSM to improve the process for collecting and reporting pile set measurements during pile driving. Pile set is used to confirm pile driving requirements and for input into signal matching programs for prediction of static pile capacity. Conventional pile set measurements (typically at end-of-initial drive or beginning of re-strike) are performed by placing a worker in close proximity to the pile and manually marking the pile between hammer impacts (see companion video). Conventional pile set measurement is often inaccurate with missed blows and/or marks or marks made without a fixed reference point. Accurate measurement of sampler penetration per blow is important for liquefaction or other high-end geotechnical studies

The PileTrac Pile Set Monitor consists of a laser in combination with data acquisition and processing software to collect pile set data for a pile or SPT rod and compute blow counts on a blow-by-blow basis in a safer, moreaccurate manner. The automated equipment is set up prior to starting of the hammer using a pile mounted target that does not require the use of manual recording methods. Data is transmitted from the laser connection box to the computer blow-by-blow using user either wireless or cabled connection modes.

Since data is acquired at a rate much faster than the hammer impacts, stable distance readings between the pile mounted target and ground mounted laser are achieved between hammer impacts which permits accurate computation of permanent set, blow count, blow rate, ram stroke and N-values in SPT mode.

The PileTrac software allows user customization of distance units, angle offset, and event selection criteria. Collected data may be output in tabular or plotted formats. Output results include distance readings with time stamps, total displacement during an event (hammer impact to pile), permanent set, temporary compression (dependent upon stability of laser mounting), ram stroke, blow counts, blow rates and N-value (in SPT mode) with relevant statistical summaries. The user may select among the various applicable displayed data plots during real-time data collection. The user may also specify criteria for set, stroke and refusal so that the program makes appropriate notifications during data collection.

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The PSM is well suited for use by those engaged in providing high-strain dynamic pile testing services or by contractors and inspectors who are required to obtain pile set measurements during pile installation.

Using the PSM in SPT mode tracks penetration per blow and computes N-value during SPT sampling.

The PSM may be used for many other engineering and construction applications such as bridge deck deflection monitoring, confirmation of rod penetration during SPT sampling or for distance or displacement measurements to confirm performance of foundations or structural systems under loading.

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